Plex Webhooks for Trakt


The simplest way to scrobble with Plex

Plex provides webhook integration for all Plex Pass subscribers, and users of their servers. A webhook is a request that the Plex application sends to third party services when a user takes an action, such as watching a movie or episode.

You can ask Plex to send these webhooks to this tool, which will then log those plays in your Trakt account.

Unlike the official plugin, this tool can be set up on any Plex server, on any OS in a few simple steps through your web browser. No complicated install instructions, no mucking around with the terminal. Just a few clicks and you're done.

Note that it does not sync plays across apps, but it's so easy to use it might be worth the tradeoff. I certainly think so.

Ready to get started? Simply enter your Plex username, and click the big friendly button.

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